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The Louisiana Baptist Singing Men are a mighty army of godly warriors, singing and living for the glory of God.



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Choral Repertoire - 2021-2022


“I Will Rise”   arr. Courtney and Hasseler - Beckenhorst Press

“I Got Saved”   arr. Wagner, adapted Killion

“Praise His Holy Name”   by Keith Hampton, Earthsongs Press

“Praise to the Lord, The Almighty”   by Duren, Collection “We Won’t Stop Singin” , Prism music.

“Greatest Man”   by Knight, Collection “Risin on the Wind”, Prism music.

“Jesus Brought Me Out”   by Knight, Collection “I am Reminded”, Prism Music,

“Like a River in My Soul”   by Tim Orisek, Beckenhorst Press

“New Name in Glory”   by Neal, Collection “Victorious”, Prism music,

“Hold on to the Rock”   by Pepper Choplin, Lorenz music – acapella

“Take Me as I Am”   by Cymbala, Collection “Love lead the Way”, Prism music,

“Let Revival Come”   by Jones, Collection “Glorious Revival”, Prism music,

“All My Hope”   by Crowder, Cash, arr. Knight, Prism music,



"Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door"   arr. Keith Foster/ Santa Barbara Music






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